The Amal’s last session: Taking Flight was a great session to attend. As it was all about activities, fun, and fellows sharing their thoughts and experience, so it really helps to understand others and connect with them. We should have these kinds of sessions more often where work is not a focus because involving yourself in creative activities emotionally uplifts you.

As the fellowship has ended but we, fellows, are still connected through different social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fellowship has taught me a lot of lessons and I intend to practice them in my life as well. Some of them, I am already practicing, and some are a bit difficult to apply. I will try practicing on one lesson at a time and I hope it works.

We humans, always look for something stable, secure, and certain, but do we really need these things in our life and do these things really make our life better? Everyone will have a different answer to these questions. For me, they do matter but uncertainty is what makes our life…

During the 3-months Amal fellowship program, I came across several ideologies that changed the way I used to see and deal with things in my life. However, there is an incident that changed my perception of pain. I remember taking an Amal online course in which a blog by Mark…

I have been having a hard time focusing on one thing for a few years. Although I identified my areas of improvement, but I never put effort to overcome them, maybe because I was a procrastinator or I am. As I wanted with all my heart to get away from…

تمہاری اصل ہستی تمہاری سوچ ہے
باقی تو صرف ہڈیاں اور خالی گوشت ہے

Translation: You are your thoughts, the rest of you is bones and fibres.

I had to put it in Urdu because I felt it might lose its magic if not presented in that way. However, thoughts…

Subial Aslam

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