Life and Where to Find it.

We humans, always look for something stable, secure, and certain, but do we really need these things in our life and do these things really make our life better? Everyone will have a different answer to these questions. For me, they do matter but uncertainty is what makes our life, life. Uncertainty gives birth to curiosity, which leads to surprises and we humans, we love surprises. So, in a nutshell, uncertainty gives us the moments that we look for.

Uncertainty is what brought me to Amal, I was curious about the program, so I joined it and I am happy to have taken that decision. If you were to draw a graph of my Amal journey, there would be many highs and lows. This was how I felt after the sessions, sometimes energetic and sometimes drained. So, I was always uncertain about where my graph would go when the session would finish, up or down.

Have you ever looked up in the sky and got confused, whether it would rain or not? Because the sun is behind clouds and they both are trying to dominate one another. At one moment, you see the shadow of a tree and at the other moment, you feel a cool breeze.

Now at this moment, if the rain falls and you have not read the weather forecast then you will feel a bit happier because there was some curiosity around the experience. This is exactly how my Amal experience was, it rained, and I am happy that I have learned very important lessons of life through this program.